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The Harp Foundation

The Harp Foundation provides therapeutic harp music for the essential healing, comfort and well-being of individuals in crisis and special needs. We imbue a sense of peace and wellness during life’s celebrations and ‘storms’ and offer support for the underserved. Our programs are at major Phoenix Valley hospitals including Dignity Health’s St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, and Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

Historically we have served at hospices, in schools for children with special needs, and in faith communities. We plan to expand into day clinics like Adelante Healthcare to reach a larger underserved population. Our intention is first to assist in human healing and feelings of peace; and second to act as leaders in complementary and integrative medicine by providing therapeutic harp music in proven applications as evidence-based practice. More information on The Harp Foundation

Touching Lives

Girl about 12 years old was with her parents. Apparently,
she couldn’t move. But she listened very closely and
followed me with her eyes. Mom and Dad smiled at me
and said, “Thank you.”
Young Girl Calmed
At Banner Thunderbird the staff was so excited to hear
the harp. We had M’s door open and they could hear all
down and around the unit. Dr. E said the music helped
this 84 year old relax and heal.
Sherry Cook, harpist
Banner Del Webb Hospital and Medical Center, Adult Floor.
Healing Pacemaker Procedure
A nurse came to me and said: I have a couple there
and today is their wedding anniversary. The man is
really sick. Can you play for them? Luckily, I had
a love songs book with me. The woman brought her
husband in the wheel chair. Their daughter and
grandson were with them. All of them stopped next
to me and I played love songs for them. The daughter
was taking pictures, and the woman started to cry.
She said: “It was the most beautiful wedding gift ever!”
Alla Yashneva, harpist
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, adult floor

Response to Special Celebration in Hospital
Two babies were in the room, one of them whimpered and
the other was talking loudly, pestering the other. I
played there and after 5-7 minutes, it became quiet.
Alla Yashneva, harpist
Calming Babies
Social worker said there wasn’t much room so could you
just bring harp and chair to a young couple with a day
old premature baby hooked up to monitors, lying in Dad’s
arms. I played, Dad immediately relaxed, smiled, sank
into chair; baby opened her eyes and seemed to sink
deeper into Dad’s arms. Dad said baby liked the music,
he sang along with the music. Mom took pictures.
Nurse observed that baby’s oxygenation level went up.
Jocelyn Obermeyer
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Neonatal ICU.
Compassion for New Parents
The nurse explained that a patient was in a serious
car accident in which an older sister had died. She
had been calling out to her sister, was so restless and
could not sleep. The nurse said “Thank God you are here!”
The harp music calmed the patient down and she slept soundly.
Linda Petersen, harpist
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Adult Floor.
Peace in the Midst of Grief
Nurse came out while I was playing in hallway;
“We are in desperate need tonight, come play in here!”
Linda Petersen, harpist
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Adult Floor.
Vital Calm for Healing
Eleven year old boy came to me as I was playing. He told me
all about his cousin having a 107.2 degree temperature and
almost dying. I asked him if he was scared and he said he
was but not now. I played some more – the whole time, he
stood close to me and just watched and listened.
Jocelyn Obermeyer
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Pediatrics.
Reduced Anxiety for Families
ICU, Patient was in critical condition. All the family were there.
I played for them. Young girl closed her eyes and an elderly couple
relaxed on the couch. One of the members of the family said,
“Thank you, it was very relaxing.”
Alla Yashneva, harpist
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Adult ICU
Family Soothed